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Gain access to your assets!

The quality of a product is determined by a multitude of influencing factors. Some are obvious even to the layperson, but others can affect things in a way that surprise even the most experienced of professionals.

To detect these influences, uncover their bearing on product or process-relevant quality characteristics and optimize them is the job Q-Mining excels at.

Your individualized consultancy service

With the help of ETL- (Extract, Transform, Load) and data-mining methods specifically designed for quality control we expose any information hidden in your data. These often astounding results are then used to generate comprehensible technical projections and recommended actions.

If you are lacking sufficient data, you will not have to cripple your production for months to conduct a slew of experiments. Our experts will gladly use pragmatic design of experiment methods specifically designed for use with Q-Mining to minimize the time spend to obtain the needed data.

Lasting Solutions

If you wish we will use our results to develop a software that will then be able serve as your personal expert. This way you can combine the expertise already gathered in your company with the one of your software expert and raise the quality of your products and the efficiency of your processes.

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