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ASOM v7 2.3.1713 available

Logged in users can now find the newest release version 2.3 of ASOM v7 on our Download page. To update your copy of the software, download the ASOM v7 Installer and proceed with the installation process.

The following changes were made:

  • DXF import implemented.
  • Spindle drive implemented.
  • Inertia implemented.
  • Holding forces and energy storages can now be connected to different elements even after creation (diagrams are preserved).
  • The action of forces and holding forces can now be connected separately.
  • Various keyboard shortcuts (see manual) implemented.
  • Graphical routines optimized for faster display.
  • Enabled parallel linkages.
  • Scripting language expanded.
  • Minor corrections and improvements.

A full list of all features in ASOM can be found here.

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