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A lot of text documents contain statistically interesting data. If you wanted to analyze those, you would have to extract and structure them by hand. Depending on the amount of available data this can demand a lot of time and effort.

Docs2DB was specifically created to do quickly and efficiently do this work for you. It allows the import of an unlimited number of unstructured text documents, which will then be parsed according to your specifications, extracting any data expressible in numbers or categories and depositing them in a database. This way you can record lab reports, medical reports or similar documents in next to no time and prepare them for statistical analysis.

Visualization of Docs2DB's approach
Visualization database storage and analysis

Subsequently, Docs2DB offers you the ability to create cross sections, subsets, aggregations and diagrams of your data. Do you want to take another look at a patient’s data before an appointment? With only a few clicks you can for example look at the development of their blood test results over a certain period of time or view them in comparison to other values.

In their structured form this data can also be used for other workflows like patient registration, scientific papers etc.

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