About us

Technology that thinks

Innovation, the ability to address problems in novel ways, is a defining feature of mankind. Technology is not only the result of these efforts but also the means to support them. It frees us from tedious and time consuming jobs, allowing us to quickly and effectively implement our ideas.

In order to become more efficient and be able to meet the demands of a modern world, technology must be able to identify problems ahead of time and present us with sensible methods to resolve them. In other words: It must appear to be thinking on its own.

To think with technology

To create ‘thinking’ technology, we do not only have to comprehend how and why it operates, but also what overall purpose it is supposed to serve.

To this end developers and theoreticians have to include everyday users into the effort to create products and services made to eliminate efficiency-hampering stumbling-blocks in technical workflows, thus effecting a lasting optimization.