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Source: Volkswagen AG
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Brands that move with us: Quite a number of companies already employ ASOM.

About ASOM

What sets ASOM apart from other kinematics software and makes it special?

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Kinematics Services

We design or optimize kinematics for you! Benefit from 17 years of development experience.

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Brands that move us

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Business consultancy based on your own manufacturing data

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Example illustrating the kinematic analysis and interactive optimization of a toggle switch using the kinematics software ASOM v7.

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In this example, a complete design for a tailgate with spindle drive is presented. For this purpose, holding forces are taken into account under multiple constraints such as different ground inclinations, an optional snow load, frictions, a clutch, overload cases, safety margins, efficiency factors, etc.

To observe direction-dependent influences, the complete opening process and the complete closing process are evaluated in real time at the same time using compressed time simulation.

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Please feel free to request one of our free demonstrations of the ASOM v7 software (without obligations). The interactive and customized live demonstration can be given via netmeeting or in person at your location.

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ASOM Features

Learn more about the numerous tools ASOM offers for your convenience!

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ASOM Examples

See what ASOM can do and how fast and effective you can reach viable solutions.

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ASOM Support

Do you have a question that has not been answered on our website? We look forward to your message!

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