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Source: Volkswagen AG
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Brands that move with us: Quite a number of companies already employ ASOM.

About ASOM

What sets ASOM apart from other kinematics software and makes it special?

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Kinematics Services

We design or optimize kinematics for you! Benefit from 17 years of development experience.

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Brands that move us

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Business consultancy based on your own manufacturing data

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Comparison of two linkages generated with the aid of syntheses in the Kinematics Software ASOM v7

Using the example of a two-step folding ladder for a mobile home, it is shown how two systems can be organized in layers for the purpose of a direct comparison. It is also shown how to use scripts to implement forces that only act under specific circumstances.

The corresponding ASOM project can be downloaded. It has been extended and now also shows a full comparison of forces.

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This video shows an example for the export of simulation data from ASOM v7 to Excel. This export is freely configurable and data can be written into specifically targeted locations in existing or pre-configured Excel files, so that no manual changes in existing Excel files are necessary.

An import of positional data from Excel is also possible. The data can, depending on what is needed, be imported as simple point cloud, as polygon, or also as a curved guide rail (as a spline with multiple options).

This example illustrates one possible workflow for the export and import of data. The corresponding ASOM project and the associated Excel file can also be downloaded.

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Please feel free to request one of our free demonstrations of the ASOM v7 software (without obligations). The interactive and customized live demonstration can be given via netmeeting or in person at your location.

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ASOM Features

Learn more about the numerous tools ASOM offers for your convenience!

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ASOM Examples

See what ASOM can do and how fast and effective you can reach viable solutions.

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ASOM Support

Do you have a question that has not been answered on our website? We look forward to your message!

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